Abril Paper Tech Limited was founded as a Abril International in 2017 as a small paper trader in Surat, Gujarat.


In 2019, the company embarked on a significant expansion journey by setting up its own first medium size coating line in Surat, Gujarat, and twice the sales same year by continuosly build customer’s trust


Continuing on the path of growth, the company installed two more production coatin lines in 2021.

This expansion resulted in a significant increase in production capacity & reaching 1.5 lakh meter paper per day.


Building on their success, Abril International established strong and trustworthy relationships with their valued clients.

5 Years of Continous work with TNPL mill’s we get direct delaership authority with TNPL without any trader or commission agent and we became the Very First manufacturer to whom TNPL Supply Raw Material Directly.


In 2024, the company made a strategic decision to transform into a public limited company, rebranded as “Abril Paper Tech Limited.”

we invited our clients to become a part of the Abril Paper Tech family as stakeholders.

This systematic overview illustrates the company’s growth and expansion, emphasizing their commitment to quality and relationships with clients.